At Eden Academy’s Future Trek Summer Camp, we strive to create a safe, respectful, and enjoyable environment for all participants. To ensure that everyone has a positive experience, we have established the following behavior policies. By attending the camp, participants and their parents/guardians agree to adhere to these guidelines.

Respect and Kindness

  • Treat others with respect: All participants are expected to treat their peers, camp staff, and themselves with respect and kindness. Bullying, teasing, or any form of aggressive behavior will not be tolerated.
  • Use polite language: Participants should use appropriate language at all times. Offensive, discriminatory, or derogatory language is strictly prohibited.

Safety and Responsibility

  • Follow instructions: Participants must follow the instructions given by camp staff at all times to ensure their safety and the safety of others.
  • Stay within designated areas: Participants are required to stay within the areas designated for camp activities and must not wander off without permission from a camp counselor.
  • Respect property: Participants should take care of camp equipment and facilities. Any intentional damage to property may result in disciplinary action and compensation for damages.

Participation and Attitude

  • Be engaged: Participants are encouraged to actively participate in all camp activities with a positive attitude.
  • Be on time: Participants should arrive on time for camp activities and remain punctual throughout the day.

Health and Hygiene

  • Maintain personal hygiene: Participants should practice good personal hygiene, including washing hands regularly and keeping their personal space clean.
  • Notify staff of health issues: If a participant feels unwell or is injured, they should immediately notify a camp staff member.

Electronics and Personal Belongings

  • Limit electronic use: Personal electronic devices, such as mobile phones and tablets, should be used minimally and only during designated times or with staff permission. Eden Academy is not responsible for lost or damaged personal items.
  • Leave valuables at home: Participants are encouraged not to bring valuable items to camp. Eden Academy is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

Consequences for Misbehavior

Participants who do not adhere to these behavior policies may face the following consequences:

  1. Verbal Warning: A staff member will discuss the behavior with the participant and remind them of the camp policies.
  2. Time-Out: The participant may be removed from the activity for a short period to reflect on their behavior.
  3. Parent/Guardian Notification: The participant’s parent or guardian will be informed of the misbehavior and may be asked to assist in resolving the issue.
  4. Dismissal: In cases of severe or repeated misbehavior, the participant may be dismissed from the camp without a refund.

By following these behavior policies, we can ensure that all participants have a fun, safe, and enriching experience at Future Trek Summer Camp.